My First Week in the Blog-O-Sphere…

…Or whatever it’s called.

So, today marks a whole week since I started blogging and tweeting as Maia Moore Reads. I’d thought about blogging on and off for a while and kept thinking it was something I should get into. But it was only last week that I started to get really obsessed by the idea and, instead of waiting around any more, I started it as soon as I got home from work last Wednesday.

I’ll admit, I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing (and still don’t compared to the rest of you out there) but I figured out a fair bit on my own, through trial and error mostly (although I work in IT so this should probably come easier to me!)

Despite a few little hiccups over HTML and GFC (still don’t get it) I’ve really enjoyed this week. I’ve reviewed three of my favourite books, signed up to the British Books Challenge 2015 and had a lot of fun selecting my Top 5 Opening Lines. It’s been great having a browse through other people’s blogs (still working on this as well, just trying to follow and flick through lots and see what I enjoy) and talking to like minded people.

Another highlight was taking part in the #UKYAChat (my first ever Twitter chat, compliments to Lucy for that). I’ve not thought a lot about where my books come from and am trying to support UK authors more now.

To sum up my first week, as of writing this I have:

51 Twitter followers (including some authors of some of my favourite books, which excites me no end!)
115 people I’m following
131 Tweets I’ve written
725 blog views
4 blog followers

I’m aware that these are baby numbers compared to everyone else, but for me on my first week I’m very chuffed. I’m really looking forward to reading lots and chatting to loads of different people for the next few weeks.

For anyone reading, thanks for making my first week blogging a welcoming one 🙂

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