Top Five… Sisters

(That’s Top 5 sisters in books – I’m not numbering my siblings in order of preference. That would be mean.)
Today my older sister turned 27, so I thought I’d dedicate my Top 5 to her and my other two (younger) sisters. Girls seem to run in my family a bit – my mum had the four of us, and she had five sisters of her own.
I also love writing about sibling relationships and it’s something that drives my own work. So this week I’m looking at my favourite sisters in books I’ve read.
I’ve loved this book forever, not only as a ballet nerd but as it has three (adopted) sisters who all have dreams to follow and achieve them through working hard. I love how rounded and different they are as characters: they can all be flawed at times but ultimately they pull through for each other.
Not only is Georgia’s little sister Libby hilarious throughout the series, she also reminded me a lot of my relationship with my youngest sister (she’s now 12 and behaves a lot more ‘normal’ mostly…) She was the kind of kid that you couldn’t trust around a new boyfriend because she’d definitely come out with a Libby line.
Katniss and Primrose have a memorable relationship and it’s Katniss’ love for Prim that gets her into the Hunger Games in the first place. When I read this the first time, I was around Katniss’ age and one of my sisters was Prim’s age and I just knew exactly how she felt. I’d go through a hundred Hunger Games for any of my sisters.
I loved Pilbeam and Appleby’s relationship in the Mennyms series. I think the main bit for me was when Pilbeam was introduced as their sister and snapped Appleby out of her brooding. Although they fight often and can be such different people/ragdolls, they are also really good for each other.
And the winner is…
My Naughty Little Sister is something my big sister used to read to me (even though I’m sure she was the naughty one really…) I can’t remember either of the sisters names – maybe they weren’t mentioned – but I do remember these being some of my favourite stories as a child and, even if one sister was often naughty, it showed a really lovely relationship.

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