Top Five… Dystopian YA

Who doesn’t love disappearing into a dystopian world? I sure do, so this week’s Top Five is my favourite YA dystopian novels


The Hunger Games series
Suzanne Collins
I always think of this as a bit of a guilty pleasure, though I’m not sure why. I read them during uni and completed neglected my work to finish them. I remember the second one being glued to my hand as I tried to get ready in the morning (the third one didn’t quite do it for me but as a series I still think it’s ace).

Never Let Me Go
Kazuo Ishiguro

Probably stretching the YA theme a bit here but I couldn’t not include this. I read it for a uni module – normally reading for work puts me off a book but I loved this. I found the pace quite gentle and the theme dark and disturbing. It’s a great read for someone venturing into more adult books.

Chaos Walking trilogy
Patrick Ness
This is a series that keeps cropping up in my Top Fives, so I guess that’s testament to its brilliance. I found the whole thing one massive, speeding roller-coaster of action and emotions and I completely fell in love with the world and its characters.

Louise O’Neill
I had to resist making this my number one. Right now I think it’s more than worthy, but I have just read it and am still buzzing off it and should probably give myself some time to calm down. So number two it is. Read it, is all I can say. I practically swallowed it whole it was so good.
And the winner is…

Noughts and Crosses
Malorie Blackman
I adored this book when it came out, and it was probably one of my first steps away from MG and into YA. Although the series kind of lost its way a bit for me, I fell in love with Callum and Sephy and was heartbroken by what their world did to them.

I’d love some recommendations for more dystopian YA!

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