Top Five… Books I've Received as Gifts

My birthday is coming up this week (hooray for getting another bit older) and it’s got me thinking about books I’ve received before as gifts, so here they are for my Top Five this week.


Simon Cheshire
I got this book just last week as an early birthday present from my partner. I’d had a really awful day and he gave it to me as a cheering up present. It certainly made me happier (and also creeped out as well).

The 100: Homecoming (Kass Morgan)
Only Ever Yours (Louise O’Neill)

Sneaking two in here. I wanted to read both of these books but was being good and not letting myself buy anything. My partner (him again!) bought them without telling and sneakily put them in my TBR pile and didn’t tell me (I didn’t notice til a day later) Surprise books!


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
J. K. Rowling
I got this on the day it came out from my step-grandmother. I think it was a New Year’s present, which is probably a bit weird because that’s her birthday and I got the present…But I glued it to my hand and finished it that day and enjoyed every second of it. And it’s obviously had lots of re-reads.

The Hobbit
J. R. R. Tolkien
I did a post about this near the beginning of the year, when I first started blogging. What made it special was the thought put behind it and the lovely message from my partner inside, and the fact that I’d never owned my own copy before.
And the winner is…


The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll

I found my beautiful copy lurking on one of the lower shelves in the mess that is my bedroom. The picture doesn’t even do it justice; it’s a seriously beautiful book. I love Alice and it’s a pleasure to dip into Wonderland in this gorgeous book.
I wish you all wonderful book gifts for the rest of your lives!

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