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So, today marks something new on the blog.
I’m excited to announce that I am teaming up with Stacie from The Confessions of a Reader to start a Buddy Read!

Each month, we’ll be randomly picking a theme/genre of book and then nominating a book for the other to read. We’ll both be posting reviews of each book, and then have a kind of discussional post to see what we both thought of each other’s books.

This is the first time I’ve collaborated with anyone (my blog is still very young!) and I’m really looking forward to be doing something a little different. I love reading books and writing reviews, but this will add another dimension to it, possibly reading something I wouldn’t normal go for and being able to discuss and compare our choices and opinions will be really interesting.

So without further ado, the theme for April is…
(drum roll)
A book that has been made into a film
Interesting one to start with as I recently did a post on my Top Five Film Adaptations. For some reason though, I’ve decided to steer clear of all of them and my book for Stacie to read is…
(another drum roll)
Stardust by Neil Gaiman
I’ve chosen Stardust because it’s actually one of the first that sprang to mind. I haven’t seen the film in its entirety (I fell asleep part way through – not because it was bad, I was just tired!) but there have been adverts on the TV for it a lot lately, and I was bought the book for my birthday last year (which is almost exactly a year ago) and still haven’t read it.

If you’d like to see what Stacie has nominated me to read then hop on over and see her post.

We’ll be posting our reviews of each book in two week’s time, and then the following week we’ll have our discussions. We’d love for people to join in if they’re interested: feel free to join in reading with us, post your reviews in the comments or hold your own discussional post. Follow along using the hashtag #RandomReads

See you in two week’s time for our reviews!

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