Book Review: The Falconer (Rachel Cotterill)

Details:Release Date: February 20th 2015

Roan wakes at the bottom of a mine shaft, badly bruised but lucky to be alive. He doesn’t remember how he got here, but as he’d just witnessed a suspicious death, he’s afraid someone is trying to cover their tracks. The only problem is, he can’t imagine who would have wanted to kill the young lady Arleigh.

The Falconer is a short story set in the world of the Twelve Baronies novels.


I downloaded this as a free short story. I’ve previously read Watersmeet, the first of the Twelve Baronies novel, which I enjoyed (link to the review is at the bottom of the page if you’re interested). This is only a short review, as it’s a very short story.This was a very quick read and told a fun short story of murder and investigation, all set in a medieval-esque fantasy world. If you’ve not read Watersmeet you might not understand a little of the alchemy hints that are dropped in, but you can still read and enjoy and understand the larger plot. And if you have read it, you’ll enjoy taking another walk in this fantasy land.

It’s all very well written, with an intricately crafted world that feels very much alive and will leave you itching for more. I just felt it stumbled towards the end a little, and that the climax could have been made a little more tense by witholding key information until the very last minute.

If you’re looking for a quick dip in a well crafted fantasy world then this is a great place to start. The plot is well resolved by the end, but with the feeling that it could go on to greater (by which I mean a full lenght stoty!) things. I’d love to read more of these characters and I look forward to the next Twelve Baronies story.

My Verdict:

I enjoyed – give it a read

If you enjoyed this you might like Watersmeet, also by Rachel Cotterill

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