Top Five… Superhero Stories


Last week my #RandomReads book picked by Stacie was Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, which I completely adored. So for this week’s Top 5 I’ve decided to write about my favourite superhero stories. I’ve said ‘stories’ as most are comic book arcs rather than novels.

The Dark Phoenix Saga
Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne
This is a storyline that I remember from my childhood, watching the animated tv series. I later read the comics and saw the live action film (disappointing!) Jean Grey/The Phoenix have always been my favourite X-Men (with Rogue a close second) and this story of ultimate power and the struggle to deal with it is just perfect.

Animal Man
Grant Morrison
I studied the Grant Morrison run on Animal Man for university and found it fascinating. It’s full of moral issues like animal rights and vegetarianism, and also introduced me to metalepsis (the point of my uni essay) which was new to me, and these comics were the perfect way of learning about it and exploring the technique.

Civil War
Mark Millar and Steve McNiven
With the film coming out next year, Civil War is going to be a very talked about story. I love comic book crossover stories: it’s like having all your favourite things in one place, and Civil War is a brilliant one. I’m not always sure whose side I’m on, and I love seeing both sides of the arguement.


Marvel Zombies
Mark Millar and Greg Land
I know it’s a bit silly, but I adore the Marvel Zombies series. It’s another crossover one, and it’s such a fantastic idea: superheroes are stupidly powerful as it is, so with the zombie hunger there’s pretty much no stopping them. It’s fun to have a story from the villains point of view too.

Brandon Sanderson

Rather predictably, this takes the number one spot this week. I just completely adored this take on superpowers, the idea that those imbued with powers don’t always put on tights and go save the world, the idea that this kind of power can change you, and not in a good way. Once again, I heartily recommend this book!

Which superheroes do you love? Or which supervillains do you love to hate?