Top Five… School Stories

School is nearly over for another year (for all you young people anyway – all I have to look forward to this summer is more work – sigh!) so I’ve been thinking about school stories. I used to read a lot as a kid as I was desperate to go to boarding school (I got an all girls day school instead, which is not the same) so this week’s Top Five is school stories, and I won’t lie, it is mostly Enid Blyton books…

The Naughtiest Girl series
Enid Blyton

The first of many Enid Blyton appearances in this list, The Naughtiest Girl series was always a favourite of mine. Elizabeth Allen, a very spoiled girl, is sent to boarding school and determines to be so naughty they’ll have to expel her. Of course, she has plenty of adventures and learns her lesson on the way. The series was continued by Anne Digby, which I’ve not read, but I may have to look into now…

Harry Potter series
J. K. Rowling
Rather predictably, Harry has to come in here somewhere. Not only do you have all the awesome bits of boarding school, but there’s a ton of magic and danger thrown into the mix as well. Apparently a very winning combination!

Malory Towers series
Enid Blyton
Oh look, it’s another Enid Blyton… These always felt a bit like a knock off St. Clare’s to me, but I loved them anyway. Darrell’s hot temper gets her into trouble, as does her friendship with prankster Alicia, but we all know they’ll all turn out good eventually. I particularly loved Gwendoline, the spoilt and sometimes malicious girl who does her best to come between Darrell and her friends.


Black Magician series
Trudi Canavan
Another mix of magic and boarding school, I loved this series and really need to reread it. There’s a lot of the usual school stuff to deal with, like lessons and bullies, as well as magic and saving the world and all that jazz. Such a brilliant series, I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

St Clare’s series
Enid Blyton

Surprise! Here’s yet another Enid Blyton. The Twins at St. Clare’s were by far my favourite school books, possibly because of my twin obsession (I wanted one so badly!) and partly because of the amazing Carlotta, who was by far the best character. Similar to Elizabeth in The Naughtiest Girl, the twins start off determined to hate school, but they soon grow to love it and (spoiler!) end up becoming joint head girls in their last year.

Writing this has made me want to reread these so badly! Are there any other school books that need adding to my list?