#RandomReads: June Announcement


Hello and welcome back to #RandomReads with Stacie and Maia. If this is your first time joining us, this is where we randomly pick a theme each month and nominate a book for the other to read. We review the books and then have a bit of a discussion about them as well – feel free to join in with us by commenting/posting your own reviews in the comments and using #RandomReads on Twitter.
If you saw last month’s #RandomReads then welcome again and thanks for sticking with us!
And now, without further ado, the theme for June is…
(drum roll)



This is an interesting one for me, as it’s not something I used to read much of at all, until this year, when I started making an effort to try new things. Stacie’s and I also had a bit of a debate over what contemporary is, as I think it’s not as easy to define as other genres.

So while I now have a fair few contemporary books I’ve read and loved, my choice this month was surprisingly easy. It’s one I bought because it looked pretty, but I instantly fell in love with the story. It has some of the most wonderful characters I have ever met.

(another drum roll)


If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch20810072

This book just grabs you by the emotions and takes you for one hell of a ride. I found it heartbreaking and inspiring all in one and just adored every word. The language is incredibly beautiful and I really hope Stacie enjoys it!



If you’d like to see what Stacie has nominated for me then hop on over and check out her post.
I’ll be posting my review in two Thursdays time, then having my discussion post on the last Thursday of the month. As I said, feel free to join in with us (I’d love to chat with other people who have read this book!) and follow along with #RandomReads.
See you in a couple of weeks for my review!