Top Five… Grimm Tales

This was going to be a post about my Top Five fairy tales in general, but as I wrote I realised they were all Grimm tales so I changed it to that. I am crawling my way through a massive (and beautiful) Grimm tales anthology at the moment – there’s so many and some are very weird, but I’m really loving it. I like how many different versions you get of these stories, and how some are more child friendly and others are rather gruesome.

So, here are my Top Five Grimm Tales.


Brothers Grimm 

Who doesn’t love a good name game? And that’s basically what Rumpelstiltskin is. I love stories with spinning wheels (Sleeping Beauty is another favourite) and spinning straw into gold was a lovely image. In some versions, when he is thwarted Rumpelstiltskin runs away,  but I know in one he tears himself in two, a fittingly gory ending.


Brothers Grimm
I’ll admit, a large part of my love for Rapunzel was her hair. I’ve always wanted longer hair – however long mine got, it was never long enough! But I remember loving the husband stealing cabbages for his pregnant wife, and that in my copy the Prince was cruelly blinded by the witch. And I do adore the Disney Tangled version as well – it’s one of my feel-good films.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
Brothers Grimm
This one always felt truly magical to me. I loved the rebellion of the Princesses all secretly dancing at night, and was always a bit disappointed when the soldier thwarts their night time plans. I really enjoyed the little mishaps of the soldier when he was invisible, like the way he weighed the boats down, or stepped on a Princess’ dress. 


The Elves and the Shoemaker
Brothers Grimm
I remember explaining this story to a friend who had never heard it and insisted I must have made it up. Well, I recently read it in my Brothers Grimm anthology, so joke’s on him! I loved the part where the shoemaker made tiny clothes for the little elves, and how happy they were about it.

Snow White and Rose Red
Brothers Grimm

This has been my favourite fairy tale for about as long as I can remember. My mother had a lovely copy that I read constantly (I just asked where it is and she says she’s given it away – I’m hoping it was to me and I have it packed somewhere because I want it so much!) I also performed as Rose Red in a little stage version once (with bright red hair to match) and I feel it’s a story I can never grow tired of.

Are there any Grimm Tales or other fairy tales that you love to read?