Top Five… Nursery Rhymes

The book above is one that belongs to my mother, and has some of my favourite nursery rhymes in. It’s really old – there’s a gift tag inside that says my mom got it for Christmas 1961, her first Christmas! It’s been passed on to some of my cousins and me before ending back at my mom, and I wanted to share some of my favourites from the book.
I always thought this one was a bit of a riddle, which is always fun.


This was my mom’s favourite, hence the ripped page from where it’s been used so much! I think I remember her singing this when I was younger.
This always made me thinking of Alice in Wonderland, and I always pictured Tweddledee and Tweedledum from the Disney film!


This is how I learnt never to lend my pony. (I jest, I wish I had a pony)
Another Alice themed one, this just makes me think of the trial and the Queen trying to chop everyone’s head off.