Top Five… Fathers and Father Figures


Since I did a post on my favourite mothers/mother figures a while back, it seemd only fair to do the same with fathers/father figures, and when better to do it than around Father’s Day? I’ve realised a lot more this time are the figure kind ratehr than the actual fatehr kind, but sometimes these are the best.



Markus Zusak
Hans was easily my favourite thing about The Book Thief. His quiet solidness and love for Liesel is just inspiring, as are his attempts to do what’s right in the face of so much evil. He’s the kind of dad that you just want to hug you and neer let you go.
Papa S (Seed)
Lisa Heathfield
Controversial one here! I don’t think he’s a good guy, I don’t like him at all (in fact, he creeps the hell out of me) but Papa S is a one of a kind father figure. When you think about how Pearl feels about him at the beginning of the story, it reminds me of a young child’s all encompassing worship of a parent. 


Sirius Black (The Harry Potter series)
J. K. Rowling
Not only is Sirius Black Harry’s dad’s best friend, he’s Harry’s godfather and a damn fine fatehr figure to Harry (after that whole ‘I think he wants to kill me’ stuff is over, naturally). I always find it so sad when Harry thinks he’s going to be able to live with Sirius and then it’s all snatched from him before it’s begun. 


Mr Benskin (If You Find Me)
Emily Murdoch
His partner Melissa made it into my mothers post, and now Mr Benskin is here as one of my favourite father figures. I didn’t expect him to be as wonderful as he was and he was just what the girls deserved. I loved how much he took to Nessa, even though she wasn’t his own child: it just didn’t matter to him.

Pearl’s Dad (The Year of the Rat)
Clare Furniss
This relationship just breaks my heart, and I think it’s all the more because he’s not Pearl’s real dad, but sometimes a step dad is as good as, or better. I love that, even though Pearl tries to push him away in her grief, he’s still there for her and is trying to keep everything together for her and Rose (aka the Rat).



Happy Father’s Day to all real and fictional fatehrs and fatehr figures out there!