Book Review: Colour Me Mindful (Anastasia Catris)

 *I have been given a copy of these books in exchange for an honest review*
 Publisher: Orion Books


 My three sisters received similar adult colouring books for Christmas last year, and I was the only one who didn’t (apparently our mom didn’t think it was my kind of thing – so wrong!) So I jumped at the chance to colour and review the Colour Me Mindful books.
Unfortunately I’m not very good at colouring or matching pretty colours together, but I’m not bad at colouring in between the lines, and I really enjoyed colouring in, so I’ll share with you one that I did.


I’ve always loved being underwater (swimming and scuba diving and such) so I dove straight into the Underwater book. It’s such a nice feeling to just sit and colour in whilst watching TV or listening to music. The patterns a really beautiful and intricate: I particularly like the ones with smaller sections, as they’re easier to colour (for me, anyway – I get messy when there’s bigger spaces to colour!)
The Colour Me Mindful books are quite small, unlike a lot of others I’ve seen, which makes them easy to work on and transportable too.
I was so eager to start mine when they arrived but realised I had no pencils or felt tips to colour with, so I just dived straight in with my partner’s Sharpies. I wouldn’t recommend it as the colours will go through the page (I only did it on the first page so I didn’t ruin any other pictures). I’d recommend investing in some good coloured pencils to go with your books.
Adult colouring books are really gaining popularity today and it’s easy to see why. It was always one of my favourite things to do as a kid and I don’t see why I should stop as an adult! These books can provide an escape from the usual daily stress and are a great way to chill out without relying on a TV or computer screen. I’d really recommend these to anyone looking for a new way to relax.


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