14 weeks and Counting

According to everything I’ve read, now is the good part of pregnancy, when all the morning sickness and tiredness wears off and you really get that pregnancy ‘glow’ and feel great. And of course, the baby bump starts developing, but you’re not yet so huge you feel cumbersome.


For me, I had a pretty easy ride in the first trimester, so I don’t know how different or ‘better’ I’m feeling now. I didn’t have any real morning sickness – the occasional nauseous feeling, but as this was often when travelling to/from work I’m not sure how much this was pregnancy related and how much was just usual travel sickness.


As for tiredness, that was the one that got me the most. It didn’t help that we went through some fairly stressful things during the first trimester: namely finding and moving into a new house, which is stressful at the best of times! We’ve now moved quite far away from my place of work, so I’m doing a lot of extra travelling too, which doesn’t really help. Since I don’t drive, I’m getting the train at 5:40 each morning, and then a bus after that too, so it’s a pretty long journey (about two hours each way).


Now we’re in week 14, we’ve also started telling more people our news. Some we’d told quite early on (I’ll probably be writing about that in a future post) including my oldest sister, best friend and mother, but others we’ve not yet got round to, and it’s getting to the point where we should!


As for baby bump, we’re not quite there yet, but there’s definitely something developing! Some of my old clothes don’t really fit any more, and the ones that do can feel tight or uncomfortable. I think it’s an awkward stage, because I can’t fit into my normal clothes and most of the maternity clothes I have are still too big. I’m really looking forward to being a bit bigger, so that I look and feel more pregnant too!


This is my first real pregnancy related post, and I will try to do weekly/bi-weekly updates as things progress – I’m not sure if it’s interesting to readers or not, but either way, I like getting it all recorded 🙂 I’ll also have some posts on more specific things, such as finding out we were pregnant, telling people about being pregnant, and work and pregnancy, to name a few.

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