Finding Out We Were Expecting

I have to say, finding out we were pregnant was a bit of a surprise. Don’t get me wrong – we’re incredibly happy about it, but it wasn’t really something we planned to do this year! We’re still quite young and at the time we were living with my parents, so we weren’t really in the position we’d want to be in.


It also came at a pretty busy/stressful time. When I realised I was late, I was spending ta few days in Manchester with a friend, watching Taylor Swift in concert and generally hanging out. I couldn’t really think about anything else at the time though – I was constantly wondering/worrying whether I was or not. At the same time, Nathan was having a job interview in London, for something that we knew could make a big change in our lives. I was worried that finding out I was pregnant would ruin this opportunity for him.


When he called to say he had the job, I dropped in that I might be pregnant… I think we both had the same kind of reaction: we wouldn’t worry about it too much until we knew it was real. Which was fine, in theory, but I was also terrified of doing a test – when Nathan offered to get one, I freaked out and insisted we waited. As I’d come off the pill recently, I thought it was just a scare, and things would get back to normal soon.


After about a week, we decided to do it. I’d spent a lovely day brunching with friends, we picked up a test on the way home and, again, tried not to worry. I was scared. It seems weird now because I’m so happy about it, but I was terrified, though now I can’t really say what it was I was worried about.


I did the test in the bathroom at my mom’s house (very secretly, obviously). I wanted to wait to look at the result with Nathan, but it came up pretty much straight away, so it was a definite positive. We spent the night in a bit of a daze, just getting used to the idea, and gradually becoming less scared. It’s a massive thing to become parents, especially when it wasn’t really planned, but we love each and we’re so happy to be starting a family.


I spent the whole first couple of weeks not being able to think about anything else. It felt like I was walking around in a constant dream, and all I could think about was  babybabybaby. Thinking back on it, it was quite nice – I miss being so solely focused on it, but real life has to come back into things at some point I guess!


So that’s our ‘finding out’ story. It’s nothing like I ever expected, but I don’t think I would change anything. I’d love to hear other people’s stories, especially ‘surprise’ pregnancy ones!

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