Finding Time to Write

Last week I wrote a bit about my relationship with writing and how I do it. This week I’m admitting that that’s not always the case…

I spoke a lot about routine and how that helped me to commit to writing. But the only way that works is if you stick to the routine, and I’ve not been good at that of late.

I have my excuses, of course, as everyone does. The first was the pregnancy news: that threw me a little and I spent a while unable to think of anything else, plus the tiredness made me just want to crawl back into bed straight after work.

Then came moving house, which, while technically only a tw0 day activity, it did involve a lot of sorting out and tidying for a fair few weeks afterwards – and we’re still not done, the baby’s room still has far too much junk in still to be sorted.

But now my excuses are starting to wear a little thin. The house is pretty much sorted, the pregnancy tiredness is ebbing and I do have some time in the evenings and definitely at the weekends to write. But, since moving house I’ve barely touched my MS and have done minimal amounts of edits.

I do keep telling myself that I’ll do it, but so far it’s not working. I think my only excuse is that, with all my traveling for work, I am pretty exhausted by the time I get home. But I know I could do it if I really tried.

My lovely partner, who is always encouraging me in my writing, even went to Argos a couple of weeks ago and brought me home a desk (and by brought I mean he carried it back by hand as we don’t have a car – he is that lovely). The desk is now built and installed in the nursery and has all my stuff on it just the way I want it, but it’s still not been used for anything writing related.

Also, I am aware that as I’m writing this on a Saturday evening, I should really be writing/editing, rather than writing about not having time to write… the irony s not lost on me.

Does anyone else find they just don’t have time to write, or have enough excuses to ensure they never get round to it? And, more importantly, anyone have any tips to get out of this cycle?!

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2 Replies to “Finding Time to Write”

  1. Oh, I SO know how you feel! I feel like I’m always moaning about how hard writing is, when instead I should just be getting on with it! But there’s the whole motivation thing, which I’m struggling with at the moment. I’m partly excusing myself because I’m planning on making most of the progress on my novel during NaNo, but for now… I just don’t want to start!
    Beth x

    1. It’s so easy to make excuses isn’t it?! I think it’s just a bad habit that needs to be broken. But NaNo should be a great place to start, such motivation and community there, plus I think word targets are the way forward for spurring you on! Best of luck with it, I look forward to hearing how it goes 🙂
      Maia x

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