Book Review: Colour Me Mindful (Anastasia Catris)

* I have been given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

Publisher: Orion Books


This is my second set of Colour Me Mindful books, and I was really looking forward to them. Anastasia Catris asked for ideas for the Enchanted Creatures book and I immediately knew I wanted it. I’m a big fan of fantasy creatures!

So that was the first book I started with, of course. The first picture caught my eye straight away as some kind of Cthulhu monster:


I think the pictures have the perfect mix of large and smaller parts to colour in, which is great for me: I know I can get frustrated if it’s too fiddly some time, as I’m not the most careful of people yet still hate going outside the lines!

The Butterflies book is full of stunning pages and just feels like the perfect thing to colour in. You can’t go wrong with butterflies and flowers, though as a lot of these are more intricate I feel I need better/sharper pencils before I can tackle these.


The third book, Seasons, is one I’m going to take my time with, as I want to colour everything in when it’s the right season. I think it’ll be lovely to be colouring in some Christmas pictures when the tree is up and the lights are on and it’s freezing cold outside. There’s something very nostalgic about time/season appropriate pictures, as it’s something you always get as a kid: Easter Eggs to colour in at Easter and such. I kept it fairly neutral for now by colouring in some delicious looking cocktails (and feeling envious as I can’t drink!)


Once again, these books offer some quiet, relaxation time for adults with busy, stressful lives. I was such a fan of colouring as a kid and I do find it really soothing to do again as adult, especially after a long day of work and travel. I’m so happy to have more pages of Catris’ beautiful designs to work through, and I look forward to what she brings out next!

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