5 Questions You Get Asked When You’re Pregnant

There’s a few questions that always seem to pop up when people find out you’re pregnant, so I thought I’d list them here and provide some answers while I’m at it 🙂

1. Do you know what you’re having/do you want a boy or a girl?

I’m surprised how many people have asked this so early on, especially ones who’ve had kids of their own. You don’t usually find out the sex of the baby (if you want to) until the 20 week scan, which for us is next week. But people were always asking me, even much further back.

As for the second part, I find it kind of awkward. I don’t think I could declare myself for one side or the other, because I’d hate anyone to think I was disappointed if it turned out to be the opposite. There’s also the cliche answer of “doesn’t matter, as long as it’s healthy” which I’m always tempted to give (see my favourite pregnancy song below).

My honest answer is that I don’t mind. I can imagine both, and I would of course be happy with either. I do say that I have more experience with girls: we have a very female heavy family – I have 3 sisters, and my mom is one of 6. But, as I say, either would go down well with me.

2. Have you had any cravings?

Everyone wants to hear that I’ve been craving candle wax or custard on toast, but sadly I have nothing that exciting to tell. I hesitate to call things cravings, as I’m not sure I always know the difference between that and just something I fancy to eat.

I have had two that have stood out though. The first was for olives – more specifically, the olives we ate in Paris last December. Normal olives in a jar or from a supermarket just wouldn’t do apparently. Which is a pretty impossible craving to satisfy! But Nathan, bless him, did his best, and got me some very fancy olives from the place he was working from at the time. Sadly I only ate a couple, but I appreciated the effort!

Secondly, was cheese. Which might seem like a fairly normal one, but I’ve never been much of a cheese fan, and am quite picky on how I eat it. I’m fine with it melted on things (pizza, jacket potato, etc) and occasionally grated. It also has to be very mild, and either cheddar or Edam. But, when grating cheese one day for dinner, I cut off a huge chunk of cheddar and ate it all, and then had another. It actually reminded me of being a kid: when my mom used to buy cheese in the supermarket she’d ask them to cut off a slice for me and my sister to eat while we finished the shopping.

The origin of cravings isn’t always known, but they do say it can be because your body is lacking some important nutrient. I definitely think this is true with me and cheese: I don’t normally eat it, I don’t drink milk, I don’t like yoghurt or cream, so I do tend to run low on calcium. It’s something I’m very conscious of now it’s not just me I’m feeding.

3. Have you had any morning sickness?

Morning sickness seems to be thing everyone knows about pregnancy symptoms, and I’m always being asked if I had much or how bad it was. Luckily for me, the answer is no, I didn’t have any sickness, in the morning or otherwise (because it’s rather misnamed and can happen at any time of the day). I was very lucky in this sense, as I think it would have been a lot harder to hide it from my parents/work if I was throwing up every day.

4. Do you have any names picked?

The honest answer is that we do have a few that we like, but we’re not going to tell anyone yet (see video above, it’s another ‘annoying pregnant woman’ thing). It just feels like a bit of a private thing when there’s a selection of names your child may or may not be called. Plus (thinking way in the future here) we might want to use names that don’t make the cut this time, so I want to keep them to myself!

5. Are you excited?

Yes, obviously, is the answer to that! I don’t think it comes across when I talk about it, but I think that’s just down to my general awkwardness. But trust me, both Nathan and I are super excited and can’t wait to meet our little one.

Anyone else have any ‘obvious’ pregnancy questions they get asked?

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