Book Review: Bad Bones (Graham Marks)

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

Pages: 336

Release Date: May 4th 2015

Summary (from Goodreads):

Some things are best left buried. Gabe is feeling the pressure. His family has money troubles, he’s hardly talking to his dad, plus lowlife Benny is on his case. Needing some space to think, he heads off into the hills surrounding LA. And he suddenly stumbles across a secret that will change everything. A shallow grave. Gabe doesn’t think twice about taking the gold bracelet he finds buried there. Even from the clutches of skeletal hands. But he has no idea what he’s awakening…A chilling new story in the Red Eye series.


If you’ve been around my blog at all you’ll have seen reviews for all the books in the Red Eye series and I have been loving them – YA + horror, what’s not to love?

I have to say Bad Bones was probably my least favourite in the series so far. For me, it was less of a horror and more a mystery book, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s less my cup of tea than horror, and this particular mystery just didn’t float my boat.

I liked Gabe as a protagonist and understood the dilemma in his position: when you’re that hard done by, and you see what looks like a quick way out, it’s so easy to just take it. Unfortunately in this kind of book, nothing’s ever that simple… It was easy to see how quickly things spiraled out of control, and I did so want things to work out for him.

I loved the friendships in this book more than anything. Anton is such a good friend to Gabe, even when he makes it hard, and you could really feel the bromance there! The blossoming relationship with Stella was also lovely to watch, and her character surprised me too: I had some theories about where she was going but I was completely wrong. There was also a lovely moment when Gabe’s sister was in danger – that was a real heart-in-the-mouth moment and probably one of the highlights of the book for me.

Unfortunately I just didn’t get into the plot. I found it a little slow and predictable, and it just wasn’t to my taste. I think I like a little more of the creepy/gory side of Red Eye than the slow building mystery – but that’s just me!


If you enjoyed this, you might like Frozen Charlotte, also in the Red Eye series.

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