20 Weeks and Counting

So, we are now at 20 weeks, which is half way through the pregnancy and is all kinds of scary! It does feel like things are speeding up now, which is both exciting and terrifying all at once.

We had our 20 week scan, which was a really incredible experience. As we moved house recently, we were at a different hospital and we noticed a lot of differences between the two places.

Our first scan was at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry and it wasn’t the same kind of magical experience as the recent one. For a start, there was different advice on how much water to drink before the scan – Coventry suggested twice as much as Milton Keynes – and as a result I was really uncomfortable in the waiting room. I’d drank a litre and a half of water, and they were running behind schedule by about half an hour and I honestly thought my bladder was going to explode!

With the first scan, the ultrasound technician was very brisk and it all felt a little rushed. I understand they’re just doing their job and, as I mentioned they were running quite behind, but it felt like that special moment of seeing our child for the first time was just rushed through. There was one screen which she used to check on the baby, and turned it round to us briefly to see one time. It really wasn’t like the magical moment in the movies!

This being our first child, I don’t know if the second scan is always this different, but for us it really was. The ultrasound technician was very friendly and chatty, which put us at ease straight away. She had her own screen where she did her checks and measurements, and there was another opposite us so we could see the whole thing. She pointed out the heart beating and other organs, and prodded around my stomach a bit to get the baby moving and show us all the tiny hands and feet and things. It was really incredible to see.

The other difference was the price of the photos. I know we really wanted to have a photo of the first scan and we also had requests from family members. At Walsgrave hospital, it was £10 per photo, for a flimsy little print out. At Milton Keynes, the same style photo cost £3 and a better quality digital photo cost £5. The ultrasound technician said we were ripped off in Coventry!

All that aside, everything is going well. All the checks and measurements came back fine and baby is growing nicely. It also has very long legs apparently, so it looks like it’s taking after me! And to end things, here’s our scan picture. We’re very much looking forward to meeting this little one when it finally arrives.


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