Work and Pregnancy

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time and I’m finally getting round to it now. Apologies and all for the delay, but maybe once you’ve read you’ll understand where all my time has been going!

I was pretty nervy about telling work I was pregnant. At the time my job was temporary. I took it last year as a six month temp contract, and it just kept getting extended. I fitted in well with the team, worked hard and knew I was needed, so never really worried about being let off. But once a baby was thrown into the equation, it did start to worry me.

Because I worked through an agency, I had to do the ‘telling work I’m pregnant’ thing twice – once with my agent and then again with my boss. The agent was pretty nice about it and explained how things would work with antenatal appointments and such, but she did sound a little annoyed to me (though that could all be in my head). I was worried that the news would just be a burden to employers, which is understandable but hey, these things happen.

I was even more worried about telling my actual boss. I shouldn’t have been, because she’s only ever been lovely and supportive, but I’m a worrier so that’s all I do! She’d arranged a private one-to-one for us one day so I was going to tell her then, which is when she dropped her own bombshell first – there was another job opening in a different department which she thought I should go for. It would be full time, permanent work, much better money and did I want to go for it?

As you can imagine, my initial reaction was OMGyespleaseIwouldloveto (I kind of fell into the temping thing and it’s not the best of careers in my opinion – too much instability/uncertainty for my liking). But then, of course, I had to tell her my own news, and I was pretty sure that was going to ruin everything. Who wants to hire someone who’s planning to take a six month baby-holiday soon?

Well, my new boss did, apparently 🙂

I was lucky in that she was very keen to have me, and thought the work I could do between then (September) and my maternity leave (February) was worth any kind of hassle that might occur during the months I was off. It showed a lot of faith in me and I’m really grateful that I got the opportunity. It’s a relief to have a secure job, especially with a baby on the way.

The only problem really was that Nathan and I had just moved house to be nearer his job, which means I’ve been commuting for between 4 and 5 hours a day (hence where all my time goes – on trains and buses!) The plan before was to stick it out until the baby arrived, and then find a new job after maternity – with childcare and travel costs, my temp wage just wasn’t going to cut it. But this new job threw a bit of a spanner in the works.

So now I’m learning to drive, in the hopes that this will make the travelling a bit easier. I’m hoping once I’m not so worn out by the pregnancy things will be a little easier too – it’s hard enough being pregnant and tired all the time, but when you’re up before 5 every day and not sleeping through the night as it is, it definitely takes it toll.

I find I can’t do much when travelling except read, and often not even that (travel time is often nap time now!) This is why my blogging has been a bit more sporadic of late, and why I’ve barely even looked at my WIP (a fact that makes me feel both guilty and sad)

I keep reminding myself that it’s just for a few more weeks really, what with Christmas and some other holiday time to take as well. We have some plans for the future that I won’t mention here just yet, but hopefully when I return to work near the end of next year, things will be a little easier, I’ll be travelling less, and I’ll have a lot more time for blogging and writing 🙂

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