Well, nearly anyway 😉

I’m writing this early on Christmas eve. I’ve finished work for the year (which is a massive relief, having not had a real holiday since last December) and am excited to go spend some time with my family. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Christmas traditions/what makes Christmas so special for me.

  • Christmas has pretty much stayed the same for me since I was a kid. I’ve spent the majority of them with my mom and step-dad and sisters, with the exception of a few years when I was younger and we alternated Christmas with my dad (best thing about divorced parents = 2 Christmases!)

  • We don’t go anywhere or do anything or see anyone on Christmas – it’s just us ‘immediate family’ – basically those who live in the house/me and my sister now we’ve moved out. I know for some people Christmas means big family gatherings but that’s never how we’ve done it. Boxing Day is for seeing people, Christmas is just for us.

  • Right from the first Christmas I can remember we’ve had ‘bed presents’. They were exciting as kids but now I see how smart my mom was being too. When my older sister and I were young, we’d wake up Christmas morning with a video on our beds – it was the only present we were allowed to open without our parents there. The bed presents kept us quiet as we could go downstairs and watch a film until it was a reasonable time to wake our parents up. And this still happens every year – only with DVDs now, obviously!

  • Me and my three sisters all have beautiful stockings that our auntie made us and I love seeing them all laid out. They’re all very different, but very special as Auntie Astrid sewed them herself and cross stitched our names on them – I’m hoping she’ll make one for baby when it’s born next year too.

  • My favourite thing about Christmas is hard to pick out. I love the atmosphere, I love the food, and I love having some time to just relax and be with family.

I promised my little sisters that I’d come home for Christmas until I had a child of my own, so that means this is my last Christmas with them. I’m going to enjoy every second of it as my last ‘childish’ Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to celebrating next year with just me, Nathan and our baby 🙂

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