30 Weeks and Counting

It’s weird: when I did my 25 Weeks and Counting post, it felt like we had plenty of time left. 5 weeks down the line, however, and I really feel like time is running out and going by so fast!

I am a little worried as I don’t think we’re really prepared yet. For a start, we’ll be moving house (again!) before the end of January, so that’s what’s taking up most of my focus right now. It’s probably not our brightest idea, doing it so close to the birth, but it’s the right move for us for now and I am excited to get settled in a new house. We’re moving for work reasons, again, and will be going back to the West Midlands. This will be cheaper for us, but also mean we’re closer to both our families, so I think it’s a good move all round.

I think another reason the pressure is on is because my sister kind of got caught short recently. Her baby was due in mid January, and they were expecting it then: before Christmas was about finishing the house, so they had a lot of decorating on the go and everything was a bit of a mess. Of course, babies and due dates are unpredictable, and her baby decided to come three weeks early and surprise everyone. While it’s not what they expected and they probably weren’t as prepared as they would have like to be, it’s good to see that they coped and just got on with it – I know we can do the same if that happens to us.

The new baby is a little boy called Leo and is a good size, despite being three weeks early. They had an extended stay in the hospital due to him being a little jaundiced, but mother and baby are both home now and doing great. It’s really exciting seeing their little family come together and I can’t wait for the same for us.

I’m sure the next few weeks are going to fly by, and baby could come at any time really, but I know whatever happens we’ll just tackle it head on and get by just fine.

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