New Year, New Start and All That Jazz

One of my very first blog posts was on New Year’s Resolutions, and I thought I’d start this year’s ones by looking back on last year’s.

The first of 2015 was to start a blog, and keep it going throughout the year. I’m happy to say I mostly succeeded – there was just a slight break from blogging while I moved house and had no internet, so I’d say that’s not bad going.

My second 2015 resolution was to complete the British Books Challenge. I started off well on this, but I think I only kept it up for half a year or so. While I still read books by British authors, I didn’t update my reviews on the main page – I just found it too difficult to keep up with along with everything else. I haven’t decided on any challenges for this year. I’m not sure whether I’ll do any yet.

My third was to finish the second draft of my book. Unfortunately I didn’t quite manage this: after the move my new schedule became quite draining, and with all the pregnancy tiredness added in I’m afraid writing took a bit of a back seat – something I want to rectify this year.

And my final resolution was to get fit. Again, this one started off well: I completed the NHS Couch to 5K plan and carried on running after I finished. I didn’t always enjoy it (especially not getting up extra early to run) but I did like how it made me feel, and I enjoyed being fitter. Unfortunately this all ended when I found out I was pregnant. I’m blaming the tiredness again, and I was also worried about pushing myself too hard, especially in those summer months. And then came the house move and I had no spare time at all.

So last year’s resolutions weren’t a complete success, but they weren’t all failures either. I did enjoy having some targets to reach, which is why I’ve decided to create new (though similar) resolutions this year:

  1. Keep blogging – I really enjoyed keeping a blog this year, and I’d like to try and keep it up and post regularly this year. I’ve branched out a bit recently and have been doing more lifestyle/baby focussed posts as well as the book reviews. I’d like to keep this up, and also focus more on writing too. My aim is to post at least twice a week, preferably more if there’s time though!
  2. Finish my second and third drafts – I’m carrying over last year’s resolution a little here but it shouldn’t (hopefully) take me too long to finish the second draft. I really want to get this novel to a more polished state this year, and maybe even start querying agents too. I’m also aiming to write something every day, just to keep myself in practice. This is going to be a year of writing for me!
  3. Get fit – this classic is popping up again, but I know it’s going to be more relevant than ever after having the baby. I don’t want to obsess about losing baby weight (and this is definitely a topic you’ll be seeing more of in future) but I do want to exercise more and feel healthy.
  4. Manage my time  – I really want to spend less time doing nothing: watching crap on TV, browsing pointless stuff on social media/the internet, and spend more time being productive, whether that’s reading or writing or blogging. I dread to think of the hours I’ve wasted this year, especially when I always feel so strapped for time.

I know this is going to be an insanely busy year for me: we’re moving house this month, I’ll be starting maternity leave the month after, and then life will change in March when the baby comes along. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a scary and exciting year, and I want to make the most of everything.

What are you aiming to do in 2016? I wish you all the best, whatever you wish to achieve, and hope you all have a fantastic year.