Highs and Lows of Pregnancy

I have to say that overall, I really love being pregnant. It’s probably because I’ve had such an easy ride with it – no morning sickness, no food aversions or pregnancy mask or any of the other, weirder pregnancy symptoms. I’m not saying it’s all peachy perfect though, so I wanted to share my 5 highs and lows of pregnancy.

I’m starting with the lows, so I can end on a positive later šŸ˜‰

  1. Food restrictionsĀ – I have to say, the no alcohol thing hasn’t really bothered me at all. And while the food thing isn’t too bad as I know it’s what’s best for baby, I will admit there is one thing that I really miss, and that is eggs. Sure, I can still eat them if they’re cooked through, but who seriously wants to eat a hard yolk? I can’t wait to have a runny poached egg sandwich as soon as I’m able!
  2. Caffeine restrictions – Similarly, limiting my caffeine intake has been hard. Before pregnancy I drank a lot of coffee, especially on writing days. I know it was mostly habit rather than needing the boost, but it felt like a real part of my writing routine. It seems cruel having to limit your caffeine intake when pregnancy makes you so tired too. I pretty much cut coffee out completely as I thought that’d be easier than letting myself have a limited amount. I’ve been really good and only had 1 proper coffee since I’ve been pregnant (at Christmas, as a treat).
  3. The aches and painsĀ – I won’t lie: the further I go on, the more of these I’m getting. Pain in my back is probably the worst, along with aching feet too. I find it harder to walk a lot, especially at my usual kind of pace. I spent a couple of days Christmas shopping in Manchester and London and then the rest of the weekend recovering from the agony the walking caused. I do look forward to being able to walk like a normal person!
  4. Stretch marksĀ – Not in a superficial way, but man they are awful. I’ll probably post about this properly at some point but I have a fair few below my bump and sometimes they feel horrible. The skin can feel really tight and sore, a bit like sunburn sometimes, and it just adds to the overall discomfort.
  5. Baby talkĀ – I do sometimes get tired about talking about it all. That probably sounds a bit awful, but sometimes I just want to have conversations about other things. I find that family and colleagues tend to be very focused now – luckily my partner and friends can still talk about other things!

And now on to the positives šŸ™‚

  1. Baby talkĀ – definitely a pro sometimes too, as it means there’s always something to talk about. At our Christmas work do I was sat with strangers and the baby meant we had something to talk about, whereas otherwise I think I would have struggled for small talk.
  2. MovementsĀ – I really love feeling the baby moving inside me. It can be a bit bizarre at times – trying to concentrate on a conference call at work when you’re being kicked in the stomach isn’t always easy! – but I love knowing that the baby is alive and kicking in there. It’s also great that Nathan can feel it too and other as well: my mom and one of my sisters felt it kicking on Christmas Day and were really excited.
  3. Special treatment – I know that’s probably bad to say but I have enjoyed some of the perks of pregnancy. Whether it’s people making sure I get a seat on the train/tube, or my special chair at work (seriously it’s amazing, it has inflatable back support and everything!) I figure I might as well make the most of things while it lasts! I’m including having no periods in this too, as that’s pretty awesome.
  4. Body imageĀ – I feel like I’m more confident in my body at the moment, mostly because there’s no pressure to be thin. I don’t miss trying to hold my stomach in to look skinny, or worrying about eating too much. I am obviously trying to eat healthily for myself and the baby, but I’m also not letting myself go hungry, which I might have done a bit of in the past.
  5. NathanĀ  – a bit soppy but I just love the way he’s been about everything. I know he loves seeing my stomach growing with our child inside and he’s forever touching it. He talks to the bump and I think baby will definitely recognise his voice when it comes out. I knew he’d be brilliant about everything because he always is, but it’s so lovely to see still.

As I said, overall pregnancy has been an amazing experience for me, and it feels weird that it’ll be over soon. I feel like I’ve just gotten used to being pregnant, but I’m not quite ready for the idea that it’ll end soon, and we’ll have an actual baby instead. I guess I’ve still got a few weeks to get ready for it yet!