Finding the Time to Read

I’m currently getting ready to move to a new house (tres exciting!) which is a lot closer to where I work – a little late now I’m about to start maternity leave but hey! For the last six months I’ve been doing The Commute of Hell: train from Wolverton to Coventry, then bus to the other side of Coventry to my place of work, then repeat on the way home, often with a lot of waiting around time involved. On a good day my travelling time is about 3.5 hours, on a bad day it’s pushing 5.

The point of this isn’t how lame it is to travel so much every day – though it’s crazy lame, trust me. I haven’t liked the travelling and with pregnancy it’s been super hard, but there’s been one positive: I’ve had so much time to read! I haven’t always used it wisely. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay awake on the train, but I’ve been making a real effort this year to use it as reading time.

Now that’s coming to an end, I have mixed feelings. It’ll be so nice to have my evenings back again, and to spend less time on horrible public transport, but I’m worried about finding time to read. I know I don’t do it at home as much as I used to – there’s always something else that needs doing.

I also realise that with the little Moore on the way, there’s going to be a lot less me time and a lot more baby time, which will probably equal a lot less reading time.

So my overall point is: how do you find time to read? I realise reading several books a week may no longer be possible, but I’d still like to squeeze one or two in there. So how do you all find time to read??

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4 Replies to “Finding the Time to Read”

  1. Once my daughter got into having proper naps, I read loads. I did find that she inconveniently woke up when I turned a page (despite being able to sleep through the bin men coming/motorbikes driving past/the end of civilisation) so I had to sell my soul and buy a Kindle; although not as nice as a book, a Kindle is much easier to read from whilst feeding in the middle of the night! Also when the small one was brand new I was in the middle of rereading The Bell Jar so I just read it out loud to her. Clearly a super normal thing to do. You’ll make it work! And lots of good luck with the baby!

    1. I love the idea of reading The Bell Jar to a baby!
      I don’t have a Kindle but I do have the app on my phone which I use a bit – I can imagine it’s quieter/easier to hold in one hand while feeding. Thanks for the tip!

  2. During maternity leave I barely read anything aside from a week where I was ill and bed-bound! I do read on my commute as you do now, but also try and read before bed every night to wind down before I go to sleep. Now Zach goes to bed at 7:30 each night and sleeps through it’s a lot easier to find the time for things like reading! xx

    1. I think reading before bed is a good habit to get into. Be interested to see how much I manage to read on maternity, I can’t imagine not reading at all but I guess things change. Never thought I’d miss the commute! xx

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