39 Weeks and Counting

Well, here we are, 39 weeks pregnant and still no sign of Little Moore (at the time of writing this, anyway!)

Edit: Less than 12 hours after writing this, my waters broke, so I’ve had to edit it slightly. But yey, Little Moore is on the way!

I won’t lie, I’m getting pretty impatient now. The house is pretty much sorted, we’ve bought everything we need to and I’ve been off work for two weeks now. Yet still no sign of baby! I know I should make the most of the baby free time while I can, but I can’t help but wish labour would just get started!

I’ve not had a lot of complaints throughout my pregnancy, but there are a few more uncomfortable things happening now the finishing line is in sight. The worst was an eczema flare up. I’ve had eczema a couple  of times before, only when I’ve been in Edinburgh for some reason (I think it could be the water there or something) but this is the worst it’s been, and was probably down to pregnancy hormones. It’s almost all cleared up now but for a good week and a half almost my entire body was itchy and painful and uncomfortable (check out my tips for eczema relief here).

As I’m typing this, I’m having to do it very carefully and keep making mistakes, because my fingertips are pretty numb – another bizarre symptom which I’m told will go away once baby is born.

I’ve been pretty nervous about labour and birth before – just the usual things really, pain and exposing myself and pain and the unknown, and pain again. But I feel like I’m a lot more ready for it now, by being prepared with things like my hospital bag, having heard my sister’s recent experience of giving birth, and just being mentally prepared. At the end of the day, baby is in there now and needs to get out somehow, and nothing is going to change that. It’s might be new and scary, and sure it probably is going to hurt a hell of a lot, but women have been doing this for years, multiple times too (I have three sisters so my own mom was happy to go through it four times).

Next time I’m doing a baby post it should be about my birth experience, or introducing you all to Little Moore.

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