My Week in Writing

After writing a post about it and feeling oh so motivated, my week in writing did not start well.

Weekly goal: 11 hours writing time.That’s 1 hour per day when Nathan is working mornings and 2 hours when he works evenings/is off work.

Monday – Little Moore was not enjoying the heat and I spent all night trying to get him to sleep. By the time he’d finally gone off (midnight-ish) I was exhausted and had only got 15 minutes in.

Tuesday – Very fussy baby for the morning, and in the evening I was naughty and played the Battlestar Galactica board game instead of writing, so I’m going to need to make up for that.

Wednesday – Despite what it becoming Little Moore’s usual fussiness at bedtime, I managed to get an hour in. It was a day off though so I should have done two…

Thursday – I was bright eyed and bush tailed and got an hour done in the morning while Little Moore and Mr Moore were still in bed.

Friday – I got a good 24 minutes in before the little one woke up. I also finished my first draft of the short story I’m writing, so that was very exciting. Then the evening was a fail as I was overcome with a massive cold :/

Saturday – Zero. Having a cold and guests round are my excuses but I’m disappointed I didn’t get anything done. I think finishing my draft worked against me as well because I didn’t have that drive to go upstairs and finish something. I need to decide what I’m doing next.

Sunday – I got my hour in, despite the cold and a fussy baby after bath time. I started working through some old notes and editing my current WIP (whilst cursing past-me for not writing legible/intelligent notes)

So my writing week didn’t go very well all in all. I don’t like failing at anything and I kind of don’t want to publish this and admit I did bad. But hopefully it’ll encourage me to do better next week.

I’m going to adjust my weekly goal slightly to an hour a day for the whole week and see how that goes. I was maybe a little ambitious before, so I’m going to start off small and aim to increase when I’ve gotten into good habits.

To end on a positive, I finished the first draft of a short story I’ve been working on for a while. I think forcing an hours work of actual writing definitely helped me finish this off. I’ll be writing a post about this one in a few weeks time so keep an eye out!

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