My Week in Writing #2

Weekly goal: 7 hours of writing time – 1 hour per day

Monday – After last week’s disaster with Little Moore’s bedtime, he went off without a fuss and I did half an hour editing and half an hour of writing exercises.

Tuesday – I was really not motivated today and couldn’t face editing, but I did get an hour of writing exercises in instead.

Wednesday – Half an hour writing exercises complete. Meant to do some editing but didn’t so slap on the wrist for me.

Thursday – I was a bit naughty and didn’t time when I was working, but I did do a lot of writing exercises in a cafe for about 3 hours on and off, so we’ll call that an hours work 🙂

Friday – Again, I didn’t do any timing. I found it a bit difficult as I was grabbing bits of time here and there, but I did do some good planning exercises from my writing book so I was pleased with the progress.

Saturday – Less pleased with the work today. I only did a small amount, definitely not an hours worth of work. I seem to get more lax the more the week goes on – I need to keep the motivation up!

Sunday – Big fail today, spent most of the day with the family and feeling a bit crap so only got a little done.

I did a lot of writing exercises this week, and they’re all from Get Started in Young Adult Fiction by Juliet Mushens. This was a Mother’s Day present, along with some other writing books and I’ve wanted it for ages. It felt a bit odd doing these exercises at first, as I’ve not done this kind of thing since uni, but it’s good to get the creative juices flowing and look at my writing in a different way.

The exercises are also helping me to work through my problems with the WIP at the moment, mainly plotting troubles and just a lack of planning. I’m hoping by the end of the book I’ll have another draft done, one that I’m a lot happier with.

This has been a better week for writing than last week. I’m hoping as the habit grows, I’ll keep getting better and doing more work each week. We’re away for a few days next week so I’m worried I won’t get my work done on those two days, but we shall see!

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