Why Indigo’s Dragon is Set in Poland: Guest Post by Sofi Croft

Today on the blog we have Sofi Croft, author of children’s fantasy novel Indigo’s Dragon, talking about why the novel is set in Poland. Welcome Sofi!

When I embarked on writing my first book I decided to follow that famous piece of advice ‘write what you know’, so I set the story in the Lake District, where I live. However, by the time I got to chapter seven Indigo was on his way to Poland, a country I have never visited.

I have often wondered why Indigo refused to follow my plot plan and wandered off to the Polish mountains on his own, and have come up with a few theories.

  1. Poland is in Indigo’s blood.

Indigo has Polish roots. His story was inspired by The Dragon of Krakow, a Polish folktale, and I always knew his grandparents would be Polish. Although my early plot plans didn’t have Indigo disappearing off to Poland, the pull of his homeland just became too strong.

I too have Polish roots. My maternal grandmother was Prussian (from Allenstein, which is now part of Poland), and I grew up hearing her stories and being tantalised by snippets of her past. She lost her family and country during the war, and I watched her take comfort in her culture; the foods, music and stories of her past. I have always wanted to visit the land she loved so much, and I think Indigo must have known this and led me there in spirit if not in body.

  1. Poland is full of monsters.

Polish, Slavic and Baltic mythology has always fascinated me. It is full of incredible stories, creatures, and deities. I think Indigo, having a curious nature and a deep affinity for strange and unusual life forms, was naturally drawn to this place where so many mythical creatures thrive.

Indigo was so comfortable among the monsters of the Polish mountains he actually stayed there for the duration of the second book, Indigo’s Demons, and visited some legendary creatures of the Baltic Sea in the third book, Indigo’s Deep.

  1. The Polish mountains are other-worldy.

Indigo lives in the real world, but among the fantastic. I love the mountains of the Lake District, and genuinely believe that incredible creatures might be hidden in its remote places. However, in mountains that are even bigger, with even more remote places, there is even more scope for finding hidden wonders.

The Tatra Mountains in Poland are incredible; vast, fairy tale-esque and other-worldy, with a variety of habitats that almost certainly contain the hiding places of a whole range of mythical creatures. If Indigo was going to find the spectacular, the Tatras seemed like a brilliant place for him to begin his search.

Big thank you to Sofi for the wonderful guest post! You can check out my review of Indigo’s Dragon here.

Indigo’s Dragon (Indigo’s Dragon #1) by Sofi Croft is a children’s fantasy novel full of adventure, mystery, monsters and dragons.

It will be published on 23rd June 2016 by Accent YA

Sophie Croft

You can find out more about Sofi and her books on her website www.soficroft.com

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