Little Moore’s Bedtime Reads #4

Welcome back to Little Moore’s Bedtime Reads! Here is the remainder of our most recent library haul.

Sleepy Cheetah (Mwenye Hadithi)


This was a fun tale of how the cheetah got his spots and features some mischievous monkeys.

Goodnight Already! (Jory John)


I really enjoyed this. It’s great as a bedtime story as Bear tries to go to bed and his pesky neighbour Duck keeps bothering him. We liked doing a very grumpy voice for the bear.

Daddy I Can’t Sleep (Alan Durant)


Because of the title I made Mr Moore read this one first. When I read it we did it in two nights as it’s quite long and Little Moore got a bit fidgety. It’s a good ‘don’t be afraid of the dark’ kind of story.

Harry and the Monster (Sue Mongredien)


This is another good one for teaching kids not to be afraid of things – in this case the scary monster in Harry’s dreams. His parents help him to overcome this fear with some suggestions that give very funny results.

The Nutcracker (Susan Chandler)


This one was more for me than Little Moore as I love the ballet! It’s a great retelling with wonderful illustrations, though again it was too long for us to do in one sitting.

Moomin and the Favourite Thing (Tove Jansson)


I actually found the Moomins pretty creepy as a kid but enjoyed this one. I loved how Thingumy and Bob spoke though it was pretty challenging to read aloud!

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