Writing an Adaptation

So, the secret project that I’ve hinted at in my last few writing posts was… an adaptation!

The reason it was a secret was I wanted it to be a present for Mr Moore – it ended up being a Father’s Day present, although I think it was originally intended for a birthday one but I didn’t finish in time…

And the reason it was a present is that the project was a short story adapted from a script which Nathan wrote. It’s a sci-fi short film he wrote when we were both in uni. I loved the story so much – something about it just captivated me and I was fascinated every time he spoke about it. I was desperate to be a part of the film but unfortunately it hasn’t been made yet (I’m still hoping!) so instead I decided to get involved in the story in another way.

I found it really interesting to work from a script. Normally with short stories I just run with an idea and see where it goes, while with longer projects I’ll work from a rough outline. Having a script to adapt felt like working from a really detailed plan: each line was like a mini idea I needed to expand upon. It made it super easy to write and I’ve decided to try a planning method like this next time I’m working on a novel. I never plan enough and it can make writing a real struggle, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with this.

Writing this short story also helped me with giving edit notes on the script for Nathan. I did a lot of ‘gap filling’ when translating this to a story, and that helped me to look at the script in another way and point out bits that didn’t make sense/needed tweaking that I hadn’t noticed before.

This was a really different way of working for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really hope Nathan enjoys the story and that the edit notes on the script help him out too. I’ll probably give the story another edit with his notes once he’s read it and then maybe be brave and think about sharing it with some other people… ๐Ÿ™‚

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