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A couple of days ago I shared a tweet from the Save Cov Libraries twitter account with a link to a petition to save Coventry libraries (link here)

I’m sure any readers of my blog are probably library fans anyway, being book fans and all. So you can understand how upsetting it is that the council want to close a number of libraries across the city and replace them with self service ‘hubs’ instead. It’s a cost cutting exercise, but it’s the people of Coventry who are going to have to pay. As well as the obvious access to free books (which is amazing) the libraries provide computers and internet, DVDs and audio books, and lots of different groups where people can socialise and learn new skills.

Coventry has 17 libraries, which is a really wonderful thing as it brings books to everyone who wants to visit, and with so many in the city you don’t have to go far to get your books. My local is the Arena Park library and is only a twenty minute walk from my house. I love taking a stroll up there with Little Moore and getting books out for him – it’s because of the library that I started the Little Moore’s Books feature on my blog. We’ve discovered some really great books there: some I’m happy we’ve read, and others that I want to buy and reread again and again with him.

Unfortunately, the Arena library is closing on 27th August. I’m genuinely gutted we won’t be able to go there anymore and am already regretting not taking more advantage of it. I’m planning to use it as much as I can in this last month, including going to Rhyme Time, which I think Little Moore will really enjoy now he’s a bit older.

Our next closest library is about a 40 minute walk away, which isn’t impossible to do, but there and back with a fidgety baby might be too much for him. I’m measuring everything in walks as I can’t drive, which does limit a bit of what we can do together on maternity leave without spending a fortune on buses. Being able to walk to the library has been a great bonding thing for us to do together, independently, without having to ask Mr Moore for a lift anywhere.

It would mean a lot to me if you could sign the petition to save the libraries (link here again) Even if you’re not local to Coventry, I’m sure you have your own library that you love and can understand the position that so many of the people of Coventry face when their libraries close. Please share the petition, share this post or just keep the conversation going. We need to make our voices heard so council needs to know how we feel about these cuts and closures.

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