Thinking About Weaning

Little Moore is creeping up to being six months old now – I know, where does all the time go?! – and I’m starting to think about weaning, and getting very excited!

I’ve done a lot of research on weaning as I know things are a bit different from when I remember my mom weaning my little sisters about 15 years ago (god that makes me feel old!) I remember my mum making lots of purees and meals for them, mostly by whizzing up whatever we were eating with a hand blender. I also remember my older sister eating whatever they didn’t, which I thought was pretty disgusting! I know it’s just mushed up dinner but still…

When I thought about weaning when I was pregnant I was all set for lots of hand made purees, no shop bought jars etc, all homemade and natural because that’s the domestic goddess I am (read as sarcasm). However, after doing some research I’ve found I’m more interested in baby led weaning.

For those who don’t know, the principle behind baby led weaning is letting the baby feed himself, and giving them whatever you eat (within reason, as some things aren’t suitable for young babies). There’s no bland, mushy purees to be forced into unwilling mouths. Baby led weaning encourages them to be independent and feed themselves, and puts them in control. Instead of urging them to finish the bowl of lovely mush you’ve made, baby decides how much to eat and when he’s had enough.

Of course, there’s down sides. I’m fully prepared for Little Moore to play with more food than he’s going to eat, and for him/me/the highchair/the dining room to be be covered in bits of food, but that’s all part of the fun.

I’m not opposed to giving purees – I have some freebies from Ella’s Kitchen etc that I might do as loaded spoons – putting puree on a spoon and letting him put it in his mouth himself. But I much prefer the idea of giving him soft sticks of veg etc and letting him gnaw away on them.

I won’t be quite the baby led weaning purist either, as I am partially following the Ella’s Kitchen weaning method, introducing single veggies for the first couple of weeks, then fruits etc. But instead of purees I’ll be doing baby sized sticks.

I’m aware that many parents start out excited for weaning and are soon exasperated, or start off with grand plans of how they’re going to do things which slowly go down the drain. But I’m just going to go in with an open mind, go with the flow and try and get us all to have as much fun with it as possible. Still, any tips will be appreciated!

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