Book Review: The Demon Girl’s Song (Susan Jane Bigelow)

* I have been given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

Publisher: Dreaming Robot Press

Release Date: September 1st 2016

Summary (from Goodreads):

More than anything, Andín dal Rovi wants to escape her small town life, helping her father in the store, watching her younger brother prepare to take the place at University she’d longed for. Instead of escape, she gets a thousand-year-old demon stuck in her head, and she loses everything – her home, her family and her country. In the quest to regain her identity, she finds herself racing against time to uncover the secrets of her world – and save it from utter annihilation.


When I was contacted about reading The Demon Girl’s Song I was really intrigued by the idea, especially as it stated it was about a ‘queer young woman of colour’ which is diversity I feel we don’t often see in fantasy. I was really looking forward to reading it.

I’m normally a pretty fast reader compared with your average Joe (though probably not with your pro bloggers) but this took me ages to read: I started at the beginning of April and didn’t finish until mid-June. When I read it I did enjoy it, but I never wanted to go back to it, which I guess isn’t a great sign.

Andín was a great protagonist and I did enjoy seeing her development as the book progressed. I liked how what she wanted changed during the book as she grew as a person: first she wanted to leave home, then she wanted to get back there, she wanted rid of the demon and then she wasn’t sure.

The relationship with Yshe was really sweet but I did worry about some of the suggestions at first. It looked like Andín was fancying women because a demon who previously occupied men was in her head: she kept blaming these thoughts on it. Luckily she accepted later on that it was just her, because I thought there were some bad implications there otherwise.

I struggled with a few things in this book that made it less enjoyable for me. A lot of the voices sounded too modern – I know this isn’t a historical piece but I felt Andín spoke differently to the other characters. A lot of the story felt bogged down in history and politics and geography: while some of this was interesting I just felt there was too much emphasis on it. I had a problem with the ending too: it felt like a bit of a cop out/too familiar for my liking.

Overall this was well written with an interesting idea but I just felt it wasn’t really for me.


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