Awesome (But Non Essential) Baby Gadgets

There’s tons of lists around for must have baby gadgets but I think the only way you find out what you truly need is through trial and error yourself. There’s some stuff we have that I couldn’t live without and others which I won’t bother with next time round.

So instead of telling you what you have to buy, today I’m sharing my top three awesome, but non essential baby gadgets.

1. Baby Sling


I liked the idea of these but have only bought once recently and I’m so glad I did. Little Moore has been getting a bit fidgety lately in his pushchair and I think it’s because he’s a pretty nosy baby and likes to have a good look at things. In his sling he can look at everything he likes, and he also likes to snuggle in and have a nap there too. I got this one from Daisy Baby and love it, though I do find it hard to tie correctly sometimes.

2. Ice Lolly Moulds

FullSizeRender (11)

During the recent heat wave I bought these and made some breast milk popsicles for Little Moore. It’s hard to keep cool in this weather and I know I love a good ice cream, so why should he miss out?! I bought the Annabel Karmel ones and think they’re brilliant. They’re small in portion so it’s not too much for him to get through, and the handles are easy to grab, even for him at five months. It’s great to see him feeding himself and enjoying the new experience of something freezing cold in his mouth! These will still be great when he’s older for fruity/yoghurt ice lollies and good for teething too.

3. Tummy with Mummy

FullSizeRender (12)

This is a foldaway baby seat that can also be used as a tummy time platform. While not essential, I found it really helpful when Little Moore was younger and not enjoying his tummy time. The gently sloped platform means baby can look around easily (rather than face planting the floor) and you can maintain eye contact easier too, making him happier. Little Moore really enjoys his tummy time now, especially now he’s learnt to roll onto his tummy himself, but I think this helped in the early days. Along with his high chair, it’s my go to seat now he’s outgrown his bouncer chair.

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