6 Month Update: My Favourite Moments

Somehow, Little Moore has turned 6 months today. Crazy right?! It’s great now that he’s older and getting more active and interested in the things around him. but it also makes me sad as that means it’s getting closer to me going back to work (boo hoo!) and I don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful stuff he does.

Ignoring the sad though, to celebrate his six months I am sharing some of my favourite moments in his last three months of growing.

1. Rolling Over – 18 weeks


We’d been expecting him to roll over for a while as he’s always been a wriggly little thing and was very good at rolling onto his side, so we were sure he’d learn to flip all the way over quickly. I think we were both worried that we’d miss it, but especially Nathan, as he’s at work four days a week. I’m sure Little Moore sensed that though as he waited until both of us were watching to roll over for the first time. It was a really special moment and I’m so glad we got to share it together. Now he does it every day and still looks so proud of himself when he ends up on his tummy (he’s not mastered rolling from front to back yet though!)

2. Swimming

FullSizeRender (13)

My sister and I decided to take Little Moore and his cousin Leo for a few swimming lessons to start getting them used to the water. Leo loves bath time but Little Moore hasn’t started enjoying it until very recently. I was worried he’d cry the whole time, but strangely it was the other way round. Leo screamed for all the lessons bar the last one, while Little Moore just took it all in, and only whimpered a bit when he started drinking pool water. I really enjoyed the lessons and now we’re going to start taking the boys to the pool with us once a week.

3. Birds

That’s right, I said birds. A few weeks back we went to Fargo Village and while Nathan was browsing, I took a fussy Little Moore to see some budgies at the pet shop. And he loved them! We stood there for about half an hour and every time they squawked and flew, he laughed. It made my heart all gooey and now I really want our own budgie!

These are my favourite moments from the last three months, but there’s been so many others that I have loved and will always treasure. And I’m looking forward to the next few months of fun!

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