Weaning: The First Two Weeks

Weaning was one of the things I was really excited for and did lots of research in preparation – see my Thinking About Weaning post.

So how did our first two weeks go?

As per recommendations, we kept the first two weeks as just vegetables, and included a mix of purees and finger foods – mostly finger foods, as I love the idea of baby led weaning, but I wanted to try a few purees for things that were harder to eat, like peas. We did ‘loaded spoons’ for the purees, so we put a little on a spoon and Little Moore fed himself. He’s been playing with spoons for a while now and really has the hang of using them, although he does seem to think they’re one use only – after having a mouthful he’ll throw his spoon to the floor, ready for a fresh one!

His favourite foods were definitely avocado and asparagus. Asparagus are the perfect shape for finger food and he loved shoving them in his mouth. Avocado was a lot harder as it was quite ripe and every time he gripped it, the slice would disintegrate in his hand. I ended holding it for him and he’d lean forward to suck and chew on it.

I loved the new faces and sounds he made, especially when he wasn’t so keen on things! His first food was broccoli and he made a lot of ‘eugh’ noises but chewed on like a champion!

As well as new faces, there were new things in his nappy too (TMI, I know!) I was a bit surprised as I didn’t think he’d swallow much in his first few weeks, but I could identify a lot of different veg in there – a fun new game for changing time!

I love being able to sit down and eat with him and Nathan together, and am looking forward to trying all different kinds of food with him. This week we’re focussing on fruit and I can’t wait to see how he takes to sweeter tastes!

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