My Weaning Essentials

I was really looking forward to weaning and couldn’t wait to get started (although I did wait, as guidelines say babies should be at least six months and able to hold their head up before starting weaning). Now we’re a few weeks in and although the initial excitement may be over, I’m still enjoying introducing Little Moore to new flavours and textures and love watching the faces he pulls and learning what foods he likes and what he’s less keen on.

I thought I’d do a little post on some of my weaning essentials from our journey so far.

1. High Chair

This is an obvious one, but I’d say make sure you invest in a good one. We have the Mamas and Papas Pesto High Chair. It folds up a little so can be kept out the way, but also opens out with one hand (or kick of the leg) so you can do it whilst holding baby. There’s a handy pouch underneath where we keep bibs and wipes, which you’ll need in good supply once you’re weaning!

2. Coverall bibs

I can’t stress this one enough. I hadn’t really thought about these before, though we had two someone bought for us when Little Moore was born. Weaning is messy work, and if you don’t want to ruin all your baby’s beautiful clothes then it’s good to cover up with these. We’ve bought another couple but I don’t think four is nearly enough – I’m going to keep buying until we have at least one per day!

3. Feeding spoons

Although we wanted to follow a more baby led weaning approach, we got some spoons for Little Moore to try feeding himself/play with and for us to use if we did want to give any purees. Get ones with grips so they can hold them. Rubber ones are best for their gums. We keep ours in the fridge so Little Moore can gnaw on them when teething too.

4. Pouches/ready made purees 

Like a lot of new mums, I wanted to be making all my own baby foods. As we’ve gone for mostly finger foods I’m yet to make any purees, but I have given him a few ready made ones. These are great for things you’d like baby to try which can’t be given as finger food (i.e. peas) It’s also handy to have some there just in case: sometimes if he’s fussy and Nathan’s at work, I don’t have the time/hands to make something from scratch. Check what’s in the pouches so that you’re happy with what you’re feeding them. I’ve used Ella’s Kitchen and Hipp. These were mostly things I had vouchers for so we’ll see if I want to buy them full price when these have run out!

5. Small food containers

Whether you’re doing purees or finger food, you’re going to need a bundle of these. I bought a huge pack from Tesco in all different shapes and sizes – these are much cheaper than any special baby ones you can buy, and do the same job. It’s really handy to have something ready in the fridge for those busy days. When we do veg sticks etc for Little Moore I usually cook some extra and store them in the fridge for the next day. Cold veg sticks are great for teething, and even if the idea of eating courgette sticks grossest you out, your baby will probably love it!

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