February Wrap Up

Well this year is just flying by. I can’t believe we’re into March already! I haven’t read as many books this month – I put a lot of time into one which I eventually DNFd around 50% in. I’ve also started rereading The Sin Eater’s Daughter in preparation for The Scarecrow Queen which arrived yesterday and I am so excited to read!

What I Read

Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

Dead of Night by Michael Grant

Silver Stars by Michael Grant

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr

Nothing Tastes as Good by Claire Hennessy

The Little Book of Sitcom by John Vorhaus

Book Post

This month I had some more gorgeous book post, including:

The Circus by Olivia Levez

(Thanks Rock the Boat!)

The Devil’s Paintbox by Robin Jarvis

(Thanks Egmont!)

The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson

(Thanks Chelle Toy/Scholastic!)

The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury

(Thanks The Pewter Wolf/Scholastic!)


What I Wrote:

This month I finished off editing the short story I wrote last month and submitted it to a competition. This is a pretty big step for me and I’m really proud I wrote something to a deadline and produced a piece of work I’m proud of.

I originally wanted to write at least 500 words a day but didn’t quite hit that target this month. I still wrote something each day though, so I’m happy with that. I also finished the (very rough) first draft of my WIP, so another reason to celebrate!

Total word count: 16,220

What I watched:


We finished watching Parks and Recreation which was even better second time round and I really want to get the rest of the series now. We started watching Sherlock but haven’t gotten very far because the episodes are so damn long! It’s like watching a film every night, and when Little Moore is playing up we just don’t have time.


Saying that, we did watch a lot of films! Nathan’s had the crazy idea of watching all our horror films in alphabetical order, so that’s our project for the next year or so… seriously, there’s over 300 of them!

We got off to a good start and covered Alice in Murderland (terrible yet hilarious film) All Cheerleaders Die, Almost Human, Bite (so gory, so fun) Tusk (like Human Centipede but with a Walrus…) Yeah, alphabetical went out the window when new DVDs came in!

What I Did

It was Nathan’s birthday this month so I got him out the house for a few hours and surprised him with a drawing desk (and a rearranged living room to fit it in!) It’s been a fairly quiet month other than that – not complaining it’s nice to have a break after the Christmas/New Year madness!

What Little Moore Did

Little Moore turned one this month! We’re having a little birthday party with family and friends and cake this weekend to celebrate. He’s also started pulling himself up on furniture, which has been a while coming but I think he’s found it slippy in his socks on our laminate flooring!