Book Review: Charlotte Says (Alex Bell)

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

Pages: 352

Release Date: September 7th 2017

Summary (From Goodreads):

Following the death of her mother in a terrible fire, Jemima flees to the remote Isle of Skye, to take up a job at a school for girls. There she finds herself tormented by the mystery of what really happened that night.
Then Jemima receives a box of Frozen Charlotte dolls from a mystery sender and she begins to remember – a séance with the dolls, a violent argument with her step-father and the inferno that destroyed their home. And when it seems that the dolls are triggering a series of accidents at the school, Jemima realizes she must stop the demonic spirits possessing the dolls – whatever it takes.


I was crazy excited when I found out Frozen Charlotte was getting a prequel. Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of the Red Eye books and Frozen Charlotte is definitely my favourite (go read it now if you haven’t already!)

Charlotte Says follows Jemima, a young girl starting work at a remote school for girls on the Isle of Skye. She has a mysterious past which manages to follow her there, in the form of a box of Frozen Charlotte dolls. As her memories of what happened the night her mother and step father died resurface, Jemima must do all she can to protect the girls and stop the evil that has followed her.

The Frozen Charlotte dolls were creepy in the first book and they manage to keep that playful, sinister quality that makes you shiver. As soon as they turned up I felt a sense of dread, and every time a character came across one I felt anxious about what was going to happen to them. There are some awful ‘accidents’ that happen around the dolls and while I was mostly yelling at people to get rid of them, a macabre part of me wanted to see all the terrible things they were going to do. They’re the perfect little villains and I love to hate them.

The ending didn’t go at all how I expected, and I loved the little twist on things. As this is a prequel, you know the dolls aren’t destroyed at the end, so it was interesting to see how things were closed off but still left open enough for the next book.

You don’t need to have read Frozen Charlotte to enjoy this book (though I definitely recommend you read both!) This is a chilling prequel that captures the menace and dread of the first book while giving you an insight of how it all started. This is the perfect eerie read that you’ll want to stay up all night to finish.

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