My Dream Reading Space

As an avid reader, I read anywhere and everywhere I can – curled up on the sofa, on my lunch break at work, while cleaning my teeth – anywhere I can squeeze some reading time in! It’s not always ideal, but when you gotta read, you gotta read…

I can’t pretend I don’t wish I had my own special space, just for reading. It’s something I daydream about, and when someone from Arhaus got in touch about a post inspired by their website the cogs started whirring in my mind immediately! I had great fun browsing their site for the perfect pieces for my dream reading space (if only I had somewhere to put it all!)

First, the bookcases. An obvious essential for any reading space and any bookworm. I’m ashamed to say my shelves are an absolute mess. You won’t catch me posting pretty pictures of them with books arranged by colour. Mine have books piled on top of each other, crammed into every available space, and there’s still piles on the floor too. If I had my own reading space, I’d want all the walls lined with bookcases and shelves.







I am obsessed with these gorgeous bookcases. Very Beauty and the Beast – because every good bookcase should have a ladder to reach the top shelf!


I thought this looked like the perfect chair to curl up with a book. I’m not one to spread out – on the sofa or in bed, I like to curl up tight and this looks like just the right, cosy size.









My mom used to always tell me off for reading in dim lights – apparently it ruins your eyes, and hey, I wear glasses now! – so my reading room would be well equipped with lights. You can’t go wrong with a candleabra floor lamp – I think it fits well with my old-fashioned/Beauty and the Beast theme! I also loved the bicycle desk lamp – kind of steampunk, right? They were hard to pick as there were so many gorgeous lights to choose from – now I really want a chandelier!








I think I’d like a kind of minimalist reading room, so there’s nothing distracting me from my books. I’d still like a little colour on the walls though, and I love this Fresh Foil turquoise wallpaper – it’s muted with a good splash of my favourite colour in. I’d also need something bookish for the walls, and that’d have to be some book maps. I love seeing a world from a book laid out in front of me like that. The one above is a particular favourite from Melinda Salisbury’s The Scarecrow Queen.

So there you have it – my dream reading space! I know I’ll be staring wistfully at those shelves a lot now, and resenting my messy ones!

What would you want in your dream reading space? I’d love to see some more inspiration!

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