Book Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House (Stephanie Perkins)

* I have been given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Pages: 320

Release Date: October 5th 2017

Summary (from Goodreads):

One-by-one, the students of Osborne High are dying in a series of gruesome murders, each with increasing and grotesque flair. As the terror grows closer and the hunt intensifies for the killer, the dark secrets among them must finally be confronted.


This was a great creepy read, a slasher with a lot of romance thrown in and some wonderfully creepy details that really made me shiver!

Makani is the new girl in school with secrets in her past that she’d rather remain buried, but with a killer stalking the town it looks like her past might be catching up with her.

I’ve not read anything by Stephanie Perkins before but I gather she’s written romance books before. It did feel apparent in this book as there was a much heavier focus on romance than I would like. It was well written and the characters were great together, but it’s one of my pet peeves in horror films – why are people so het up about boys/girls/relationships/kissing when there’s someone trying to kill you?!

There’s also the common downfall of killing off minor characters that have only been mentioned once or twice. You’re not invested them, they’re just cannon fodder, something to raise the stakes and add to the body count.

That said, the murders were gruesome and did creep me out. Before the killer strikes, they mess with their victims: moving things around the house, hinting at their presence before revealing themselves. It’s like a cat playing with a mouse before destroying it and it really ups the tension. I also had no idea who the murderer was, right up until the reveal. I normally find these things pretty easy to guess so this was a pleasant surprise.

Although a little romance heavy for me, I still really enjoyed this creepy, gory tale, and I hope you will too!


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  1. I think the romance is the biggest complaint I’ve heard about it! But that being said, this is a good review and one that has made me want to read it more than any other! Great job (:

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