Garth Nix at Oxford Literary Festival

I was lucky enough to win two tickets to see Garth Nix speak at the Oxford Literary Festival last weekend. Big thanks to Maximum Pop for the tickets!

I’ve loved Garth Nix since I was a young teen, so getting to see him was a bit of a dream. I took one of my friends from uni with me, who is just as much of a fan and I know she really appreciated the chance to go.

Little Moore also came along with us, as Nathan was working at the weekend. I was a bit worried as you don’t want to be the annoying person that’s brought a screaming baby along to a talk. My plan was to give him a bottle and for him to fall asleep while Garth Nix spoke, but of course, that’s not what happened! As soon as the talk started he seemed to perk up (despite having got up at 6am to get to Oxford!). He kept chatting along with Garth Nix as he spoke, which was kind of cute and funny but I was really worried about annoying people and interrupting things! We had front row seats and I eventually decided to pop off towards the back to try and be less disturbing.

Despite all that, everyone afterwards said how good he’d been, including Garth Nix, which was really sweet. He even tried to make Little Moroe laugh, but that’s easier said than done!

The talk itself was brilliant. Garth Nix is charismatic and a born storyteller. He made the audience laugh a lot and kept us all really captivated. The hour went far too fast! The audience got involved too with a fun game with some beautiful Frogkisser! cards. I also got my old, battered copy of Sabriel along for signing. This was the first Garth Nix book I read and it was really special to me to get it signed.

This was a really great day out and it was amazing to meet one of my favourite authors. It’s made me want to get all my old Garth Nix books out and give them a read again.