Teething: It Finally Happened

It’s been a little while since I posted ‘Please Don’t Say Teething‘. But now I’m saying it because it’s finally happened!

After months of suspecting it and blaming every grizzly stage on supposed teeth, we’ve had four pop through in the last month. Two on top, two on bottom, and we can see more trying to poke through now.

It’s hard to see him in so much pain, especially as he doesn’t know what’s going on. We use a combination of Ashton & Parsons teething powder, Dentinox teething gel and Calpol when he’s really bad. We have a good supply of teethers kept cool in the fridge but he doesn’t seem too keen on them. Sticks of cucumber seem better as he’s more likely to have a good munch on them.

I have to admit, I do miss his gummy little smile. I got used to seeing him like that for over a year and it’s a bit odd to see teeth in his mouth now! It’s nice to see he’s finally catching up with his cousin in the tooth department, and he’s able to take bites of food now properly. He’s even had a go at eating meat, chunks of chicken etc, which he’s avoided before and we think was because it was too hard to break down without teeth.

Teething can cause hell at nights and the only thing you can do is offer as much comfort as possible and pray for it to be over. It’s not really what you want to hear when you’re sleep deprived and up at 3am for the third night in a row but trust me, I’ve tried to Google a magic solution and there isn’t one. Try to stick to your routine as much as possible but remember they’re in pain and might need a little extra love until they push through.

Please Don’t Say ‘Teething’

From around 6 months, babies generally start getting their first teeth. Obviously this can vary wildly: some babies are born with teeth, some remain gummy for their first birthday. Little Moore looks like he’s going to make it past 1 with no signs of teeth.

It doesn’t bother me. Obviously they will come eventually, and in the meantime it’s a blessing if anything: I’m still breastfeeding and haven’t had to go through the painful ‘don’t bite Mummy’s nipple with your new teeth’ phase that my sister had to go through.

What does bother me is how every single thing he does makes people tell me with self assured conviction that he is teething.

At 5 months he was insanely dribbly – we had to change bibs every hour or less to stop him from soaking through his clothes – and relatives, friends, even complete strangers told me he was very definitely teething.

At 6 months when he started chewing on everything he could get his hands on, they reassured me we’d see teeth any day now.

If he slept badly, had a whingey day, had a sore bum or stuck his fist in his mouth, everyone would say he was teething. Even people who don’t have kids of their own seemed very confident in the fact.

Now, at nearly 11 months, there’s not a single tooth stub in his mouth.

What annoys me is the way people say it, as if they know best and I’m an idiot. What annoys me even more is that at some point they’ll be right. One day a tooth will pop through and they’ll say, ‘I told you he was teething’. Because if you keep repeating it, it’s eventually going to come true.

It’s just a little pet peeve. But I might bite the next person who tells me he’s teething.

Rant over 🙂