Book Review: Mango and Bambang – Tiny Tapir Trouble (Polly Faber & Clare Vulliamy)

* I have been given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *

Publisher: Walker Books

Pages: 144

Release Date: September 1st 2016

Summary (from Goodreads):

Mango and Bambang’s adventures continue in the third book of this charming illustrated series about a little girl and a tapir, described by The Sunday Times as having real charm reminiscent of Paddington. When a small but mischievous tapir guest comes to stay with Mango Allsorts and Bambang in the busy city, things soon get into a rather troublesome tangle.


This is the third book in the Mango and Bambang series and it’s just as fun and charming as its predecessors. In this book, Mango and Bambang go to the seaside, meet a relative of Bambang, play in a chess tournament and deal with illness.

I loved the story featuring Guntur, Bambang’s tiny and very annoying cousin. He does his best to get between Mango and Bambang and make poor Bambang look bad, but their friendship wins through in the end.

There’s a family theme to this story, as Bambang wonders whether he really fits in with Mango, especially after an upsetting experience at the beach. They realise in the end that family is what you make it and their friendship keeps them together through all the trials life throws at them.

This is another beautiful edition in a fantastic series which I hope will be one of Little Moore’s favourites in the future!